Monday, August 15, 2016

(1132) To Roppongi for pizza

As I have mentioned several times I generally detest the area called Roppongi (六本木). But the prospect of meeting two distinguished brothers in arms (in a manner of speaking) brought me to "Pizzakaya" (Pizzakaya), a few yeards from the station. The name is, of course, a pun between "pizza" (which the Japanese read as "piza") and "izakaya" (居酒屋) which means something like a tavern or a pub. 

The entrance.

Some of the decoration emphasizing more "geekness" than "American".

The main room. 

The bar. 

Again the main room, this time from the opposite direction. 

And then the chicken wings (very good)

The pepperoni pizza (even better)

The fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil pizza (as good as the previous one).

And the French fries for dessert (in the same spirit). Adding the extremly interesting conversation, the whole thing was a success. Even if it was in !@#$%^& Roppongi. 

(For a bigger version of these pictures both in color and black and white, check my "Japan Arekore" set on Flickr)

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