Thursday, December 22, 2016

(1224) Good Tokyo

Generally speaking, I haven't quite got the way the metropolitan government is trying to promote Tokyo for the upcoming Olympics. A characteristic example is this campaign called The Tokyo Good Manners Project which highlights several of Tokyo's best aspects so Tokyoites will change the way they see themselves; apparently they don't appreciate themselves very much. The picture above is about Haneda, the world's cleanest airport (ignore "beautiful": in Japanese, "kirei"/"きれい" means both "beautiful" and "clean" and Japanese haven't yet understood that this doesn't apply to other languages so they use both words interchangeably in English too) and the other two for the fact that people stand in line to wait to get in the train (what will happen when they get in the train is a different matter, of course) and for the fact that people take a bath before taking a bath -incidentally, this doesn't only happen in Tokyo. 

(For a bigger version of these pictures both in color and black and white, check my "Japan Arekore" set on Flickr)

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