Wednesday, May 18, 2011

(10) Japan: We’re still trying

To all of you who were worried about Japan and who were kind enough to send me your wishes: thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To all of you who are worried about the situation in the nuclear power plant: I apologize profoundly.

Japan is getting better day by day, and my everyday life has more or less gone back to where it was before the earthquake. My relatives have also returned to their homes and are doing the best they can to recover and resume their everyday lives.

There is a saying in Japanese that goes something like “when you fell on the ground, you use that same ground to stand up again”. During the 20th century, the Japanese people fell on this ground quite a few times but every time we managed to stand back on our feet again.

It is said that in the collective subconscious of the Japanese people there is always the memory of the atomic bombing. Now, the new generation has another collective memory, this of the disastrous earthquake of March 11. I truly hope that the memory of the destruction will guide Japan's rebuilding and restructuring.

If you really want to help boost Japan’s morale, it’s of utmost importance to come and visit our country. And, together with the stricken areas and the people living in them and facing the huge problems they do, keep also in your mind the rest of the Japanese people who are trying to return to their normal lives and who are helping the country recover.

Once again, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart; please continue keeping us in your thoughts.

Toyama Atsuko

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