Monday, April 14, 2014

(532) Yoshiwara Oiran Dochu #1

Our friends in Yoshiwara/吉原 (the area is now called Senzoku /千束 but for them, as well as for me it is always “Yoshiwara”, see also a “Letter” I wrote in Greecejapan a while back) had this Saturday their annual festival “Oiran Dochu” (おいらん道中) which is a progression like those performed by top courtesans in Edo’s Yoshiwara. In the top of the parade is Kitsune, the fox-messenger of the god Inari, patron of rice and the women of Yoshiawa and the Chinese lion shishi (獅子), also a symbol of good luck …

For more pictures from this festival see my “Oiran Dochu 2014” set on Flickr.

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