Friday, April 3, 2015

(778) Fruits

Everybody (?) knows that fruits are very expensive in Japan; they aren’t but when it comes to fruits like the ones of “Sembikiya” / 千疋屋 which has been in Nihonbashi since 1834, they are. Crazy expensive, actually. Still when you are the oldest fruit-seller in Japan, there’s no more to say so see the pictures and judge for yourself. (At this time, one US dollar is 119 yen.) For the record, the melon in the combo (also known as “musk melon”/ マスクメロン) is the store’s specialty and is considered the tastiest melon in the world. 

(For a bigger version of this pictures both in color and black and white, check my "Japan Arekore" set on Flickr)

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